Exactly 6 months ago, you stepped into one of the most prestigious engineering institute of the country. IITM! Finally! New city, different surroundings, unknown people and a sudden new found freedom! It was a teenage dream come true. But at the same time, the thought of leaving the safe and secure covet of family and staying miles away in some undersized space was equally painful and agonising.

As soon as you entered your respective hostels, Mitr coordinators welcomed you with open arms. ( And breathed down your neck too, didn’t they? :P). And there were other kind of ‘Mitr’, eagerly waiting for you: Your roommates! These were probably your first set of people you came face to face apart from your old school friends who happened to be in the same institution. Well, everyone secretly wants an ideal roommate which whom one could get on like a house on fire but mostly it happens the other way round. If you are still on a silent mode with your roommate just because he/she is not your type, it is high time that you open up and talk to them as much as possible because now they are your immediate family, next to your real family. They might not not belong to the same school of thought but then adjusting is a great skill in itself. Maintain a friendly contact, nevertheless.

Next come friends. These are those with whom you are going to some of the most wonderful moments for your life. It is very common for freshmen to befriend only those who are in the same department. My advice: Don’t restrict yourself to your discipline. Make friends from other departments as well. But at the same time, don’t go on adding everyone you meet on your way to CRC to your friend list. Choose your buddies because they say, “You don’t choose your family. They are God’s gift to you, as you are to them. But friends are the family we choose for ourselves.”

If the first few months were about getting comfortable, enjoying first Shaastra/Saarang the rest of the year will be packed with departmental festivals, insti elections, coordships. Actually, insti elections are that time of the year when seniors start asking you for favours! It is natural to get excited with all the hype surrounding it, be careful and manage your time and resources wisely. While it is important to pursue your interests and ambitions, you must also make sure that you don’t just end up following the herd and doing things you don’t really like.

Last but not the least, amidst all the awesome things that a college life guarantees you, academics should always be there at the back of your head. That is precisely for what you have toiled and slogged day and night for 2 years. Contrary to what people say, academics in college is lot more demanding than that in school. However, demanding does not mean you lock yourself in your room and stick your big nose to your books with Fevikwik. Activities other than studies are equally important. They act as stress busters and sometimes, double up as exciting avenues to meet new people. Prioritize and involve yourself in some non academic activities. This is only time when you can explore a lot of interesting extracurricular activities which will help you realize what you actually love to do and would like to pursue, along with your academics, in the future.


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