It’s confirmed. IIT M now has a power cut from 4 PM to 6 PM everyday. And it’s here to stay in the foreseeable future too. (There is a 4000 MW shortage due to the simultaneous maintenance of some power plants after all). Perhaps first time in the recent past, many of us have had the trouble of coming out of the cozy cacoon that our rooms are.

Because coming out of your room shouting at the top of your voice and hurling abuses at all other people in the hostel is funny only once, most of us are wondering despondently how to kill the time during these power cuts. Observing people over the past few days, these are the things being done and worth mentioning (chasing monkeys with a knife in hand is hardly a productive use of time 🙂 ).

  • Read: Since 4 o’clock is also a time with plenty of sunlight, it is a really nice idea to grab a novel which you wanted to finish since long, or even catch up on the news reading the paper. At the risk of being outcast as a ‘Maggoo’, you can even dare to read your coursework. We caught a few people mugging on the terrace to avoid getting caught. Worst comes to worst reading can atleast help induce sleep, which is another possible activity (or lack of it).
  • Socialize: Not on Facebook but in person. We spend most of our time on Social networking sites or chatting with friends in our hostel or even our room-neighbours (in some extreme cases :P). These 2 hours give a perfect opportunity to fart with your wingmates, catch a game of chess or scrabble or even play some pranks on your friends!
  • Play: Put all the Baddy courts, TT tables, Carrom boards and insti grounds to their full use and play! A lot of our tax-payers’ money has gone into building them. If internet/computers was making you a couch potato, you have lost your excuse. 😛 On a serious note, 4-6 is really an awesome time to go out and do any physical activity. You’ll be back just in time to freshen up and go for dinner.
  • Pursue your hobby: Are you also one of those who look longingly at the forlorn Drums/Flute/Some musical instrument in your room everyday, cursing yourself for wasting money on it? Well, these power cuts have also coincided with people taking out their dusty guitars striking incoherently (often at the annoyance of their friends!), but at least they’ll never say, “Mujhe hamesha guitar seekhna thha, kabhi time hee nahi mila!” (I always wanted to learn guitar, but never could find time).
  • Crash: If the idea of doing any of the above repulses you, better save some energy and catch some shut eye (if you haven’t already, reading this article ie :P). Note that this can also be achieved by mugging for courses as mentioned above.

PS: We drafted this article in our laptops during the power cut. So, writing is also another time-killer.

Share your stories! Tell us how you have been dealing with the power cuts.


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4 responses »

  1. Akshay Gulati says:

    go to ascendas and enjoy AC

  2. Arun says:

    We have power in our depts from 4-6. So go to lab and do DDP 🙂

  3. Abhishek says:

    Put peace in library with AC!

  4. astronithin says:

    Work work and work…

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