“Isn’t it better to make insti safe than ask girls not to travel at night and all?”

“If we can’t travel through SAC road at night, why is it there at the first place? Close it. ”

These are few of the typical reactions we hear when girls are asked to restrict their adventures for the sake of their own safety.

Just one question, Is there any harm in being at bit cautious? Restrain from certain explorations if they cause serious issues to you? Insti is of course a nice place to chill out. It is not that a girl’s life is at risk in insti. But if you don’t follow any of the formal/informal rules and regulations, yes, there are chances that you will be a victim of abuses.

Story of a naked man chasing girls in the SAC road at night is well known. From my first year at we were asked to keep away from that road. May be because girls are scared to go to SAC road at night (or the guy shifted his work place!), the new hero is the area near OAT. Let me throw light on some of the incidents of girl’s abuse in the OAT area.

  • A foreign exchange student was molested by a guy in cycle on her way to food court. After the brutal act guy asked her,” It feels nice, doesn’t it?” From his dressing and dialogue the girl assumed that it is an insti guy. (Estrogen starvation is making insti guys desperate?)
  • A girl’s mobile was snatched by a guy at 7.30ish pm. She was with her friend (a guy). So please don’t think that you will be safe if a guy is with you. (All insti guys eat from mess, so they will be weaker than people from outside :P)
  • In another incident one of my friends lost her gold chain, again on the way to food court. It wasn’t even dark. Occasions of stealing gold chains are common here. Credits to the shooting up of price of gold.

Even after employing a security in the OAT road, the area still remains unsafe for girls. Always use main roads if you want to go to food court.

Insti is a great place to go for night walks. But late walks (especially lone walks) have caused many security issues. Construction workers chasing couples near Velachery gate and HS terrace remains unidentified. Here are certain tips to make your night walks non-violent:

  • Don’t go to department terraces; let it be HS or BT or which ever.
  • Keep an eye on people around you. Don’t make calls or listen to music when you are walking alone. Always keep right so that you can see people coming from behind.
  • Please try to restrict your expeditions to administration area and residential zone. Avoid velachery/taramani gates and border roads.
  • Don’t go to stadium after 9 pm.

Despite of all these measures, If you still face any trouble (chances are minimal) use the control room number, 044 22579999, for quick action.

So girls, to enjoy your insti life you have to be a bit careful, a bit. Don’t break rules just to show that you are cool, the cost will be high. Stay safe, have fun! 🙂


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